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 Interior Painting

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Interior Painting Process

Interior Painting is our specialty. We do everything from Fine finishing to Commercial Repaints. Each project is tailored to fit the customer's specific needs and budget. Many times homeowners have questions about the process of painting their house. Below is a detailed preparation and painting procedure for a typical home. After 10 years of experience and after painting hundreds of homes, we believe our process will ensure that your home will be painted on time, for the price quoted and your expectations will be met.

Our interior process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Extensive Preparation of all rooms to be painted.
  • When necessary, all hardware, fixtures, doorknobs will be removed and replaced. We number and label all hardware, fixtures and doorknobs to make sure they go back in the same place.
  • We wear shoe covers to protect your floors. All furniture will be lifted (not dragged) or slid using protective furniture pads and then covered with drop clothes or plastic.
  • We bring our own lighting to insure sufficient coverage and preparation per PDCA standards.
  • Scrape and sand areas to be painted (always done prior to painting).
  • Spackle, caulk or fill all wall imperfections, cracks, nail pops and voids per PDCA standards with premium grade materials.
  • Make minor carpentry repairs like nailing in loose moldings. These minor repairs are included in the contract price.
  • All trim work is caulked with a product with a 30+ year life.
  • Primer/sealer is applied to all unprimed trim, spackled or repaired areas, new drywall or deep base colors
  • Apply 2 finish coats of interior paint unless specified. In some rare circumstances additional coats may be required to insure a quality job. This would be at a time and material rate or a firm price as agreed upon by homeowner.
  • Give a final inspection of the home's surface condition and make any necessary final touch-ups.
  • Conduct a walk through with homeowner to ensure satisfaction.

At the end of each day we will:

  • Place all coffee cups, lunch bags etc. in garbage container and take to street on garbage day.
  • Vacuum and sweep all floors, and rugs.
  • Replace all furniture to original positions. Plug in all lamps, appliances, etc.
  • If paint is sufficiently dry, hang all art, mirrors, etc. back on walls in their original position.
  • Replace all window coverings.
  • Replace all outlet covers , air conditioner vent covers, etc.
  • Check all floors to remove any paint spills or drips.
  • Check all non-painted surfaces for paint spills or drips including windows, furniture, etc.